Salam سلام Hajj Umrah Prayer Quran الحج والعمرة

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If you are in way to make Hajj or Umrah this app absolutely for you, this app will give you Hajj and Umrah guidance write every step for that, friend tracking and Hajj, Umrah map, with Tawaf and Sa’i counters for you.

This app include Prayer times, Qibla direction and islamic events, write Quran readers and planner, and the app have Social Du’a. all of this features you will get it from this single app with super clean user interface.

It’s really high recommended app for Umrah, and Haj season. Even it’s work with Apple Watch.write support for different languages.  

This app work in iPhones, iPads, Apple watch and Androids. Free. There are no ADS. There no in-app purchases.

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